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Sizzling Hot Deluxe 3.92 out of 5 based on 12 ratings.
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Sizzling Hot, or Sizzling Hot Deluxe as it is also commonly known, is a well-known slot machine that is played in hundreds of casinos around the world, and has proved extremely popular with many customers. Thanks to Novomatic Gaming, it is now possible to transfer the exact Sizzling Hot experience to online play, faithfully recreated and available at a number of online casinos.

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Part of the appeal of Sizzling Hot Deluxe is that it looks like a standard fruit machine that many players are familiar with. All standard fruit symbols are present, plus the famous lucky sevens. However, the sevens are even more significant than normal, and the special star symbol also enhances gameplay in unique ways.

The Sizzling Hot slot machine is so intuitively simple that it truly can be played by anyone, even to the point that it is an ideal slot machine for beginners. The simple, clear layout combined with the traditional fruit symbols makes it an excellent choice for any player, while the huge jackpots continue to make it a favourite with experienced casino game players.

The company who brought Sizzling Hot to the online market was Novomatic, a well-known name in the industry of online casino gaming, and their recreation of the slot machine is amazingly accurate. The combination of Novomatic and such a strong slot machine brand is considered to be an ideal move by many players. The translation to an online environment means no travelling and no queuing; players can play when they want and where they want.

As is becoming more and more popular with online slot machine games, the Sizzling Hot slot incorporates a gamble feature, where players can quickly and easily double their winnings by taking advantage of the bonus mini game. Player can continue to make use of the feature as many times as they like, until they choose to either collect their winnings or lose a gamble, at which point they are returned to the normal slot game mode.

The star symbols mentioned previously are one of the main attractions of the game as they offer special rewards, prizes and features. The star fulfils the role of the scatter symbol on the game, meaning that they can appear anywhere and three or more in any position on any real will unlock the slot’s extra prize features.
The slot also includes the standard auto play feature, where the player can select the number of spins they require and let the machine itself take care of the rest. When the option is selected, the game will carry out the specified number of spins as if the player themselves were carrying out the action and prizes are accumulated and added to the player’s balance as normal.


Another excellent feature to be found within the Sizzling Hot slot is the progressive jackpot, where a constantly accumulating figure is displayed as a bonus pool. This is where the special seven symbols come in. Their significance lies in their link to the progressive jackpot pool. If a player manages to line up five sevens on any line, the progressive jackpot is theirs. As the bonus is listed in coins rather than currency, it adjusts based on the coin value used by the player for the winning spin, giving every player a chance to win regardless of their bankroll. Upon the jackpot being won, it resets to a 10,000 coin value, meaning that the prize is always lucrative, even if it is won on two consecutive spins. As the bonus amount is linked directly to the amount of money played on the slot, every player’s contribution counts and the more they spin and the higher their coin value, the better the pot.

Some experienced players will choose to immediately take advantage of the BetMax option on the Sizzling Hot slot machine. As the name implies, selecting this option immediately sets the slot to spin for the maximum coin value and across all available win lines. While the option isn’t for everyone, it means that every spin has the highest possible chance of winning, and every prize, from lines to jackpots, is worth the highest possible value.

The benefits of playing Sizzling Hot online are obvious. Novomatic Games have worked tirelessly to ensure that the online version of the game is a faithful recreation of the original, land casino based game that has become so popular over the years. However, it is no longer essential to visit a casino to enjoy the prizes, jackpots and special symbols on offer. Instead, players can play exactly as they would at a casino without even having to leave their house, and at any time of day or night.
As with many casino games, it is also possible to practice the slot machine, offering a realistic experience for free. It is an opportunity to learn about the nuances of the game without spending any real money. Practice games are funded with virtual currency, and prizes are paid out in the same money, so while a player cannot actually win, they can familiarise themselves with the symbols, their value and the prizes on offer.

While the Sizzling Hot slot does not feature its own bonus game, there is more than enough going on to ensure that both beginners and experienced players continue to thoroughly enjoy the game. The progressive jackpot on offer is usually enough to keep people interested, and this is complemented by the scattered star symbols that can also exponentially increase prizes and overall pay outs.

Beginners are also not left out – the game is perfect for those with little experience in online casino gaming. The versatile nature of the slot, where players can choose as few as five win lines and the low minimum coin value combine to make it an ideal starting place before progressing on to larger stakes and higher value coin denominations.

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Jenny West
Yesterday I won so much on Sizzling Hot, but then i lost it all back :-(((
Agustin Samuel
Thus one is jus like colombus deluxe, big game, big sound & graphics. I am very happy to see SIZZLING HOT on your mind!
I play this slot only on max bet. I go crazy when it bonus gets hit! Sizzling hot gets my no1
Adrian Jeremy
I am so happi sizzling hot is now online. I used to only be able to pay the play for fun and now i can do it fir real money.
Blaze Julian
I saw you where yo play section & thanks to you I won a lot this morning. Thank you very much sizzling hot and thanks also downloadsizzlinghot